Germ Defense is a defense type game, combining strategy elements with lots of action!

The main goal of the game is to destroy the "Mother Virus" which is releasing it's little buddies to destroy your inmmune system

you MUST stop them by sending your best soldier cells to combat them!

You have at your disposal 10 different soldiers, each has its own qualities, strengths and weaknesses, and you can complement each soldier with a skill of the 10 available, for example, maybe you want your fastest soldier to freeze it's enemies, or perhaps you want a long-range soldier to push back enemies with each hit.

Germ Defense gives you the ability to assign a skill to your unit as suits you! and whenever you want, in this game you have to build your strategy to defeat the germs that want to infect your body!

10 types of units
10 skills to assign
+30 levels
Colorful and fun graphics


Check out the trailer!


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